In the late '90s Damion Wolfe struck out on his own as a performing songwriter. As a native of Richmond/Fredericksburg, Virginia, Damion’s sound exemplifies the musical influence of the region, as well as his own eclectic signature. Now as a resident of Baltimore, Maryland, he continues to tour and perform throughout the country.

Wolfe has released three CDs in his career. He is currently touring to support his live release, “3." In addition to his discography Damion has contributed several of his songs to independent films and documentaries. The songs include ‘Mountain,' ‘Salvation,' ‘Hoedown’ and even a cover of the ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ theme song.

Through the years Damion has received 3 WAMA (Washington Area Music Association) nominations. He has opened for/shared the stage with acts such as REO Speedwagon, Amos Lee, The Del McCourey Band, Erin McKeown, Ellis Paul, Michael Glabicki and the Pat McGhee Band. Wolfe has also performed and co-written songs with Keller Williams, and has recently finished writing and recording the theme song for a Television Pilot.

Damion Wolfe is currently working on new material for his next release.