Music links:

Appalachian Bluegrass Music

This is a great store for acoustic instruments on the western edge of Baltimore. Damion bought his Taylor here. A super cool staff and great instruments make this place a must visit for any stringed instrument player.

Blind Inside

One of Delaware's best bands, led by pals Rich Engle and James Torbin.

Changing Tones and MacIntyre Music

Home of composer, producer, performer Reed Robins. This is where a majority of the new CD, "Here There and That Way" was recorded.

Carey Colvin

This diva songstress is a must see from Washington D.C. A WAMMIE winner with cool tunes.

Clay Mottley

Fantastic songwriter powered by a great voice from Richmond,Virginia.

Keith Ryan

Great songwriter and friend out of New Haven, CT.

Mill Valley Cultural Arts Umbrella

A great local organization right here in North Baltimore supporting community arts and music.
They even have a streaming radio station!

Ray Winch

Dynamic songwriter from the New Jersey country-side

Scores: Music by Silke Matzpohl

Silke is a wonderful composer based out of LA. Check out the music on her link. It's awesome!

Wally Cleaver's Recording

Located in Fredericksburg, VA, this studio is owned and operated by the incomparable Jeff Covert. National and local artists have all recorded here under the guidance of Jeff's incredible production and engineering. Damion recorded a majority of his first CD here in the summer of 1997.

Great music and musicianship is what these Doylestown, PA guys are all about. Make sure you catch one of their energetic and engaging live acts!

Other friends:

Curtis Earth's Trivia Show

A truly unique entertainer, trivia host and songwriter now residing in Orlando, Florida.


Webmaster Mike Horn brings us more of his great talent. This site features an ensemble of his other work which include murals, paintings and other fine art.

Julia Evins

An awesome graphic designer from the Baltimore area. Julia designed Damion's CD, "Here There And That Way."

KISSFiction: Living the Fantasy

Sassy debutante Colette Shaw is finishing up her rock n roll saga. Check it out.

Laurie Hare

Laurie is a wonderful graphic designer based out of Baltimore, MD. She has designed several projects for me including the cd art work for the single "How I Love My Maryland," my promotional postcards and my business cards.

Merlyn Rosenberg

Merlyn is responsible for the great photography on "Here There and That Way." Merlyn has done shoots for superstars ranging from Bob Dylan to Bonnie Raitt. She is an incredible photographer with an incredible eye.

Nancy Scheer
Nancy Scheer is a wonderful and brilliant visual artist and calligrapher based right here in Baltimore.

Steve and Bluey

Friend, cartoonist and filmmaker Steven Fischer's cool site about his book and favorite animated chums.

Suzanne Moe

Suzanne Moe is one of Damion's most favorite people in the whole world. Suzanne is an excellent and eclectic graphic designer and artist ranging from CD Design to Body Art. She is the designer of his first CD, "Damion Wolfe."