I recently recorded some B-sides in my apartment and backyard using the iPhone Voice Memo App. Although it’s not designed for professional recordings, I wondered how the songs would sound if they were touched up by an audio engineer. 

The result is an interesting lo-fi snapshot of raw live performances full of mistakes, pops, hisses and even some bug noise. You may ask, “Why these songs?” when I have so many others that are still unrecorded. Simply put, these were organic choices that just seemed right for the moment. 

Special shout outs to Mike Aaron for his guitar & vocal contribution on “Here Comes Love”; to Kyle Crosby for his audio work; Eric Taft for his audio contribution to “LPB”; and to James Polisky for his graphic design. 

These are free to stream & download with a big thanks to all of you who’ve supported me & my music over the years.